Mario's Proposal! A Hawaii fairytale engagement

Mario and Giovanna's Hawaii wedding proposal and engagement was a fairytale.  The look on her face when he got down on one knee was something we'll never forget.  We don't do engagements or proposals often, and although we've been asked before, this was the first time we've actually set one up.  We did it mostly for fun, and because Mario was such a sweet guy.  Plus, lets be honest, who doesn't love seeing the beginning of an awesome LOVE story?!  Let me tell you, totally worth it, it was a moment we'll never forget and I'm sure Mario and Giovanna won't either. 

The story.  Mario came to us about a month prior asking if we'd help him set up a surprise proposal for his girlfriend who he was flying to Hawaii.  The couple were originally from the same village in Italy (something Mario says is not very common and quite rare).  Mario & Giovanna however, had not actually met in Italy, they met in Switzerland, where they both currently resided.  They had been dating for less than a year and Mario intended to propose on the day that they met, exactly one year ago.   Although they hadn't been dating for very long, he knew she was the one.  And, as I always say ~ when you know, you know!  :)  

After flying in, Mario called me and we set up a ~secret~ time to meet.  He set up a nail appointment for Giovanna and told her he was going to get a haircut, when really he was coming to meet up with me to discuss the details of the proposal.  He was so excited about the big day I started getting excited too.  Together we decided we'd do a big flower heart filled with a mix of flowers in the sand with a hundred little tea-light candles mixed in. We went over what song would be playing when he got down on one knee, her favorite "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" by Aerosmith, and we went over the timing details.  

Erika and I got there early to scope out a spot as Mario & Giovanna dined at the restaurant behind us.  There was a big seal on the beach that evening camping out so the spot we originally had decided upon was taken.  We had to set up pretty much right in front of their dinner table, but figured there were enough people on the beach that she wouldn't even notice us there.  We were right :)  We waited to set up until it was dusk and soon most of the people left.  Mario called us saying "I see you! But she doesn't!".  Everything was working out perfectly. 

We laid down nearly a hundred big yellow hibiscus flowers and even more plumeria plus a ton of ferns, all picked fresh that afternoon.  I also made a giant rose and mixed floral bouquet with 2 dozen roses set up in a vase for Giovanna.  Erika put out almost a hundred tea-lights.  We waited to light them until the very last minute so that she wouldn't get suspicious and so that we wouldn't draw too much attention.  

And then it was time, after dinner Mario led Giovanna out to the beach and covered her eyes.  When she opened them her favorite song was playing and she was standing in a giant heart in the sand made up of her favorite flowers and a hundreds of candles.  There was a beautiful gigantic bouquet of roses by her side and her boyfriend was about to get down on one knee.  Yup - it was that good!

When Mario got down on one knee, and pulled out the ring, she started crying.  Erika and I were sitting on a towel about 10ft away, capturing the moment on film... and yes, we started crying too.  He slipped the ring onto her finger and then almost instantly she jumped into his arms kissing him for what seemed like an eternity as they looked off into the ocean together.  We played through his entire playlist 2x before they noticed that we were there.  I'm not even sure they knew I was flashing photos, they were so in the moment.

It was a beautiful moment, one we were honored to be a part of, a real-life fairytale!  Congratulations Mario & Giovanna on your engagement!  If you ever end up back in Hawaii surely give us a ring!  We'd be happy to plan your wedding! ~~~~~BEST DAY EVER!~~~~~~~~~~

With LOVE & Aloha ~ Nicole (&Erika)
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