Waimanalo Beach

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LOCATION -  About 40 minute drive from Waikiki.  Drive time may be longer if there is traffic.

PARKING -  Lots of parking. Not usually crowded at all on weekdays.   

BEST CEREMONY TIMES - 9am.  8am or 10am also ok, but lighting is best at 9, plus there are little to no people on the beach at this time.  Ceremonies may also be held later in the day but keep in mind that the sun sets on the other side of the island so for best photo lighting you should have the ceremony before 4pm.  Earlier or later in the day tends to be less sunny and hot so that may be something to consider as well. 

DIRECTIONS-  From Waikiki head east on the freeway until you hit Kalnianaole Highway.  Stay on this road passing Hanauma Bay, pass Sandy Beach, go around the corner of the island - keep driving until you see McDonalds and turn right.  Drive straight until you reach the beach.  Larger groups should be dropped off.  There is a bathroom at this beach.  

Why we like Waimanalo Beach...

- Parking, easily available
- Short walk to ceremony location from car
- Beautiful, large and very open beach
- Bright white sand for days
- Backdrop of bright blue turquoise waters and little islands (looks amazing in photos)
- Not too many tourists in the area, not too crowded
- Gorgeous beach, this is Hawaii as you imagined it to be, this spot is even more stunning in real life

- Bathrooms available for guests to use
- Pine tree forrest right behind the beach provides another cool spot for photos
- Ko'olau mountain range on the opposite end of the beach