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Your Hawaii Beach Wedding
The Planning Process - Step by Step

1.    WEDDING QUESTIONNAIRE - Fill out General Wedding Questionnaire - HERE


2.   MEET YOUR PERSONAL WEDDING PLANNER - A professional wedding planner will be assigned to your wedding and will review your questionnaire.  She will be in touch once she has had a chance to look over your wedding details.  Generally this takes a few days, but it may take up to a week.  If you do not hear from her, please contact Nicole at bestdayeverhawaii@gmail.com.  Each of our planners is very passionate about weddings and has tons of experience so right from the start you are in good hands!  She will guide you through the planning process and assist with booking all of your vendors.  CLICK HERE to learn more about the Best Day Ever team. 

3.   CHOOSE BEACH LOCATION - Your wedding planner will narrow down beach locations to you based on your personal preferences and your questionnaire.  She will send you photos and detailed information of each beach.  Things are starting to get fun!  It's now up to you to choose your favorite! 

4.   WEDDING INVITATIONS - Once your date and location are set, you can order and send out your invitations.  If you decide to send out the beach location to your guests, don't worry about giving them directions right now.  You can always just say "transportation & additional location details to come".  When you get your RSVPs, just contact those coming by email or phone with more info. on how to get to the ceremony.  This can also be set up through a wedding website.  Invitations can be ordered online through sites like www.Minted.com or through www.Etsy.com or you could order through a local graphic design company.  Websites can be made for free or for a small fee through companies like www.appycouple.com.  We would suggest sending out invitations a minimum of 3 months before your wedding date to allow your guests time to plan for travel.  Having a set guest count will also be helpful to you in the planning process and the earlier you know your guest count the better.  This step is one that you will handle on your own. 

5.   FINALIZE TRAVEL DETAILS - Book hotel, air, car and all travel details.  The earlier you do this the more money you'll save.  We always suggest www.TravelZoo.com as a great spot to find the best travel deals around, often saving you 50% or more! This step is one that you will handle on your own. 

6.   MEET YOUR OFFICIANT - As you are working out your travel details and invitations, your wedding planner will be checking in with our most trusted officiants and hand-picking one special for you based off your personal wedding details, notes and needs.  She will introduce you to your officiant once the details are set.  You will be able to email and talk to your officiant to personalize your ceremony as soon as she send you his or her contact info.  All officiant fees (except extra travel fees) are paid by Best Day Ever. 

*If you are bringing in your own officiant (ie. a Friend or Family Member is marrying you), please make sure that they are legally ordained and that they have registered with the State of Hawaii at least 2 weeks prior to your wedding date.  He or she will need to register online here: https://emrs.ehawaii.gov/emrs/public/registration.html.  Fee is $10.00. Once approved your officiant will receive an electronic notification with their approved license number and certification. 

7.   BOOK TRANSPORTATION - Once the officiant is booked and the hotel and beach locations are set you can now also look into securing transportation.  If you are planning on taking guests to lunch, dinner or a luau after the ceremony you may want to skip this step for now and come back to it later.  Not sure who to book? No problem, just check our "Preferred Vendor List".  To book transportation you will need to know all pick up and drop off locations plus pick up and drop off times. 

8.   MEET YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER - The next thing that your wedding planner will be working on is securing your photographer.  With each of our beach packages comes a highly recommended, professional wedding photographer.  Your wedding planner will introduce you to your personal wedding photographer after she has gone over all details with him or her and secured the date.  She will introduce you to your wedding photographer, send you info. on his/her website, portfolio and reviews, once everything is set.  We will pay your photographers first hour and for the first 30 edited photos.  If you'd like to add on additional time with your photographer at the beach or in a separate location, please check with him or her for their fees. 

9.   ORDER FLOWERS - Your package already comes with 1 beautiful 3-strand pikake lei, a maile lei wrapped in pikake and rose petals (for tossing after you say "I do").  If you would like to additional flowers like a bouquet, boutonniere, flower circle, florals for the aisle, additional tossing petals or additional leis, please look over bouquet, lei and other flower options  - HERE.  (note, florals are based upon availability, if pikake florals are out of season they may be replaced for tuberose, white orchid or white ginger.  Bouquets and other florals are also seasonal.)


10.   BOOK HAIR & MAKE-UP - If you would like to get your hair and make-up done professionally please let your wedding planner know and she will get quotes for you.  Please also let her know how many girls would like to get hair and make-up done and the address to where they will be getting ready.  She will do the research for you and work out special deals on your behalf.  You just need to finalize the booking with the make-up artist once she send the information over to you and make final payments.  Hair and make-up fees are not included in the package, but we will assist with the booking process.  If you are more of a DIY Bride, you may also contact the artists on your own by using our Preferred Vendor List. 


12.   BOOK MUSICIAN - Would you like to add on a live ukulele or guitar player? Or perhaps a violinist for more of a classical feel? If so, please let your wedding planner know.  She will check availability and get you pricing.  Pricing will vary depending on what you choose and who is available.  You can also book on your own if you'd like, just refer to our Preferred Vendor List

13.   BOOK VIDEOGRAPHER - Once hair and make-up is booked, it's time to secure a videographer.  If you are considering adding video, please let your wedding planner know and she will get started on helping you right away.  You will need to let her know how many hours you are looking to book before she can begin researching and negotiating quotes on your behalf.  Video fees are not included in the package, but we will assist with the research & booking.  If you are more of a DIY Bride, you may also contact the videographers on your own by using our Preferred Vendor List.   

14.   DINNER, LUNCH OR LUAU - Would you like to take your guests out to lunch, dinner or to a luau?  Your planner will help narrow down options for you so that you can continue the wedding celebration at the perfect dinner spot.  If you have specific requirements or thoughts about what type of food you'd like and/or what you'd like the atmosphere to look like, please let your planner know.  Once she has completed her research she will send you a detailed outline with pricing, location, reviews, and other detailed information.  You will then need to book a reservation on your own.  It is up to you if you want to pay for the parties food and drinks, this is an added cost not included in your package. 

15.  MARRIAGE LICENSE - Please fill out the online Hawaii Marriage License form.  You may do this up to a year prior to your wedding.  Once the application form is filled out you will just need to bring a copy with you to the marriage license office when you sign the paperwork.  You will sign the paperwork no sooner than 30 days prior to your wedding day. Most couples take care of this when they arrive on island about a week or two prior to their wedding.  Don't forget to fill out the application before you go in!


16.   LAST ITEMS - Refer to our ULTIMATE CHECKLIST for all other last items. These include your dress, bridal party clothing and gifts, rings, shoes, choosing ceremony songs, etc.  The list above is just the items we will be assisting you with, but there will still be a few misc. other items you will need to handle on your own. 

- Simple Beach Wedding ULTIMATE CHECKLIST

17.   TIMELINE - Your planner will spend the last few weeks putting together your timeline and detail/contact list.  Please make sure you have sent her all your vendor contracts no later than one month prior to your ceremony date.  She will review all vendor contracts and add in all relevant information to that timeline.  She will contact each of your vendors separately and send them a copy of your timeline along with any other necessary details (set up times, hair and makeup times, etc.).  She will also send you a copy of the timeline once it is finalized.  

18.   MEET MARRIAGE LICENSE AGENT - Once on island, go to the Dept. of health with your marriage lic. application to get your marriage license.  It is a pink paper and you will need to give that to your officiant on your wedding day.  Make sure you've already filled out the application form before going to the office.  The marriage license office is located in Downtown Honolulu (about a 15m drive from Waikiki).  The address is: 1250 Punchbowl Street, Room 101, Honolulu, Hawaii, 96813.  You may also set up an appointment with an agent who can meet with you if you don't want to drive downtown.  More info. on that can be found on the Hawaii Marriage License Website.  


19.   WEDDING DAY! -  Your wedding day is finally here, now what?  I cannot stress this one enough ~ Enjoy it!  The day will fly by and it's a really special one, so please don't let anything ruin it, make the most of every second and really soak it all in.  It's a magical, perfect day, and we really want you to take in every minute of your "Best Day Ever".  Everything is done and ready to go, you just need to follow the timeline and enjoy the day.  Nicole and Erika will be at the beach site early to set up and to go over instructions with your vendors.  Transportation and hair and make-up will be coming to you (if you decided to book these items).  Everything else - don't worry, we are taking care of it.  Is it raining? Don't worry about that either, we are checking the weather report from the moment we wake up and working out a plan.  95% of the time, rain will just pass by and shower your day with blessings,  clearing right before you say "I do".  If it doesn't pass, we'll work out a back up plan for you.  Please call Nicole or Erika if you have any questions that day.  Nicole: 808-561-1957 OR Erika: 808-386-4795.  If you don't have any questions, relax, have a glass of champagne (or coffee!), and get ready for your "Best Day Ever!"  ~ See you soon!