Papailoa Beach

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PARKING - Limited parking, best to get dropped off by car. 

BEST CEREMONY TIMES - 9 am or sunset.  This is a beautiful spot for a sunset wedding.  The sun sets west and creates a beautiful orange glow along the side of the mountains and coast. 

Why we like Papailoa Beach...

- The best spot for sunset wedding ceremonies
- Beautiful coastline, coconut trees, mountains, ocean-reefs
- Bright turquoise blue ocean

- White sandy beach
- Not usually crowded, very private and intimate feeling
- Short walk through sandy pathway to the ocean and ceremony site
- Old Hawaii feel, something about this location makes you feel like you've stepped back in time as though you're in Hawaii 100+ years ago

A FEW THINGS TO CONSIDER-  No bathrooms, must go to Haliewa town for bathrooms. Parking is limited, best to get dropped off.