Pukalani Falls Wedding - Frequently Asked Questions

Can we have a bamboo arch or chairs at our Pukalani Falls wedding?

Yes, please let your planner know you are interested in adding on an arch and chairs.  An arch is $550, Chairs are $7.50 each (white chairs with padded seat). 

Will Captain Howie do religious ceremonies?

Captain Howie does do religious-inspired ceremonies, but these are not Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, or any other specific type of religious weddings.  His ceremonies are spiritual and personalized but not necessarily catered to a specific religion.  If having a Christian, Jewish, or other type of wedding is important to you another officiant may be a better choice, we can help you with this.  The cost is $250 to change officiants.  Possible extra travel fee charge for certain officiants.

What is Captain Howie like?

Captain Howie is a really cool, easy-going, very spiritual and knowledgable guy who also happens to be an amazing wedding officiant.  The reason we say this is because it is rare to find an officiant who really connects with his couples, one who can create ceremonies personalized to them on the spot based on their uniqueness and individuality.  His ceremonies really bring you into the moment and stress the important-ness of the journey of marriage and the forever bond you are creating together.  They are sweet, profound and speak to the heart.  Oh, and he's got a pet parrot, who you'll see when you arrive, and which you can use for photos, he lives in a really amazing house (the Hobbit House) which he designed himself.  In short - he's a very passionate and caring individual who embodies the Hawaiian spirit (of course all of this while wearing a tie die shirt and a sarong).

When will we discuss our ceremony?

Captain Howie likes to meet with couples right before the ceremony to discuss the details of the ceremony.  If you are not seeing each other before walking down the aisle he will just meet with the groom and bride separately and/or do a phone call prior to the ceremony to discuss details.  His main reason for meeting right before is to get a good feel for the both of your personalities so that he can create a ceremony to best fit your needs and personalities. 

How likely is it to rain on my wedding day?  What happens if it does rain?

On the morning of your wedding we check the weather report and radar and watch the rain carefully.  If it is pouring all morning (this is really rare), then we'll call you and discuss options with you.  95% of the time even on a very rainy day there are patches of sunshine, especially near the ocean.  Usually we wait out the passing showers and will do a ceremony in between showers.  The skies usually clear beautifully and photos are magical.  In Hawaii we consider rain showers to be extra blessings so don't be afraid of rain.  The Hobbit House has a beautiful covered area we use if the rain doesn't pass.  This spot can be used if it is consistently raining/drizzling that morning.  It is a pretty covered area right near the falls.  Photos can still be taken at the falls after the ceremony.  

We don't like your photographer and want to hire someone else can we do this?

We really think you'll be quite pleased with our photographers but if you're sure that you would like to bring in another photographer then we can credit you $200.  Our main concern is that you are happy with how your wedding day turns out. 

My friend is going to officiate, is that ok? 

Yes, most definitely!  You just need to make sure that your friend is ordained and that he or she is registered with the State of Hawaii to do the wedding.  This must be done a few weeks prior to your wedding.  Click here for more information.  There are no pkg. discounts if you decide to bring your own officiant. 

Do we need to do a wedding rehearsal? 

We do not do rehearsals for Pukalani Falls weddings because the ceremonies are generally pretty simple.  We will have a basic outline of the bridal party processional and will send this to you along with your timeline a week or two prior to your wedding day.  You should go over the order of how your bridal party will walk down the aisle with everyone involved ahead of time.  On the day of the wedding we will line everyone up and let them know when to walk, where to walk and how to stand.  It is a simple process and we will guide you through all of it.  

Any tips on how to make our wedding more personalized?

Little touches like pretty fans, parasols or sunscreen for guests and bright bouquets / boutonnieres for the bridal party can go a long way.  Colored parasols look great in photos and provide good shade for guests too.  I also love the idea of honoring everyone who flew all the way down for your wedding with a lei.  You can present everyone with an orchid lei at the end of the ceremony, it's a nice touch and doesn't cost too much money.  You could also honor parents with a parent lei ceremony (where you'll present your mom and dad with a lei honoring and thanking them for all they've done for you).  Lastly, if theres someone you've lost that is very close to you like a parent or dear friend (one whom you wish could be there), you could honor them after the ceremony by throwing a lei out to sea as you say a blessing or prayer at the same time.   

What time should we have our ceremony?

Your planner will help you figure out a time based on your specific wedding details and needs.  Morning and afternoon weddings are best at Pukalani Falls. 

When should we send out our invites?

Destination weddings involve a lot of travel planning and often taking vacation time.  We suggest sending out a Save the Date as soon as you have your date set.  You can send out an official invite 4-6 months prior.  

Can we do a Champagne Toast and wedding cake at Pukalani Falls or at the beach?

Alcohol is not allowed at the Hobbit House or at Pukalani Falls.  Alcohol is also not legally allowed on the beaches here in Hawaii.  You can get ticketed and fined and we could lose our permit and license.  We kindly ask that you wait to drink until you are back in the limo or bus.  We don't recommend doing a cake cutting at the beach because that would also involve a table, utensils, plates, garbage, water, etc.  We can arrange for a cake to be delivered to your dinner location, this ensures that it stays fresh and is served properly. 

We have a family dog who we'd like to be a part of our ceremony, is that allowed?

No animals are allowed at Pukalani Falls.  If you had someone bring your dog to the beach afterwards you could have him be a part of photos there.

Bathrooms at the beach?

Yes, there are bathrooms at the beach.  We will also encourage everyone to use the bathroom at the Hobbit House / Pukalani Falls before heading to the beach.

What about parking?

There is street parking available but we recommend getting dropped off by bus/shuttle/limo if possible.  If parking on the street make sure not to leave any valuables visible in your car, this area does have break-ins.  

What will my day look like?

Here is a sample timeline for a morning wedding at Pukalani Falls.
7am - Hair & Makeup at hotel
8:30am - Put on dress, get ready to leave
8:45am - Leave Hotel (Wakiki), Limo picks you up
9:30am - Ceremony at Pukalani Falls, First Dance in front of the Falls
10am - Photos at Pukalani Falls and around Hobbit House, Couple photos and Family Shots
10:30am - Photos at Waimanalo Beach, Couple Photos, Group Photos, Snacks & Drinks
11am - Get picked up, head to lunch reception
11:30am - Lunch/Cake/Party!
Enjoy the rest of your wedding day!

Got more questions? Just send your planner an email and she'll get back to you as soon as she can :)