Magic Island

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LOCATION -  In Honolulu, at the far end of Waikiki, across the street from Ala Moana Shopping Center.  

PARKING -  Large parking lot in front of the lagoon.  Ala Moana beach is to the right, Waikiki beach to the left.  

BEST CEREMONY TIMES:  8am, 9am or 1 hour before sunset. 

DIRECTIONS-  From Waikiki head west down the Ala Wai Blvd.  Make a right on Ala Moana Blvd.  Turn right on Ala Moana Park Drive.  Make the first right into the Lagoon parking lot. Park as far towards the ocean as possible. 

Why we like Magic Island Beach ...

- Parking, easily available
- Short walk to ceremony location from car
- Beautiful turquoise colored ocean, mountain and sunset views
- Backdrop of Diamond head on the east side.
- Not too many tourists in the area, which means that you can very likely get photos with nobody else in them.
- Grassy area with ocean backdrop for those brides who want to be on grass instead of sand  

- Paved pathways - great for heels:)
- Sunsets here really pretty and there are coconut trees everywhere

- Little to no wind in this area
- Plenty of options for photography, there are grassy areas, sandy beach areas, great spots to view the sunset, coconut trees, etc. 

A FEW THINGS TO CONSIDER-  It is a short walk to the lagoon from the parking lot (about 5-10m).  Bring walking shoes or flip flops / slippers if your heels are not that comfortable.  This lagoon area is large and there are multiple sides to it.  See map outline below for details. 

Grassy area that fronts the ocean facing Diamond Head.&nbsp;

Grassy area that fronts the ocean facing Diamond Head. 

Sample Wedding at Magic Island Beach. Scroll through to see photos. 

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