Kokololio Beach Park

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PARKING -  Lots of parking. Not usually crowded at all on weekdays.   

BEST CEREMONY TIMES - 9 or 10 am.  Earlier is better at this location.  Sun rises on this side of the island and sets on the opposite side so later afternoon ceremonies will not be good.  Ceremonies are best before 4pm for ideal lighting (especially in photos). 

Why we like Kokololio Beach...

- Easy parking, lots of parking
- Beautiful bright turquoise blue ocean

- White sandy beach
- Not usually crowded, very little to no tourists in this location
- Beach is lined with large green trees
- Short walk through grass to the ocean and ceremony site
- Bathrooms available for guests to use

A FEW THINGS TO CONSIDER-  Gorgeous location but quite a drive from town.  Check traffic ahead of time and plan to leave early, usually it takes about 1.5 hrs. from Waikiki.  Travel fees apply - $150 Best Day Ever travel fee, possible travel fees from photographer & officiant.