So you just got engaged and you're wondering if you should get a wedding planner?  Hawaii Wedding Planners can be expensive, and you've always been very organized...  plus, you're exceptional at planning parties.  Maybe you could save a few dollars by doing it yourself?  The fact that you're here on this site means that you're really not sure that's a good idea.  Well, you're right!  Even as a professional planner, if I were getting married again, I'd hire a planner.  It's worth it, trust me!  Although, the budget may be tight, a wedding planner is not something you should skip out on.  Heres six reasons why you should consider handing the duties over to a professional.

6 Reasons you should hire a Professional Wedding Planner


1. Connections - Professional Hawaii Wedding Planners have awesome connections with other vendors.  This means that they can get "hook-up's" that you'll never be able to get simply because they work in the field and know everyone in the wedding business.  Need an extra room for your parents to do a quick dress change in at the venue (at the last minute), I'm pretty sure they'll be able make that happen for you just by talking to the banquet captain, usually without you even knowing about it.

2. Extra $$ in your pocket - A great planner will be able to negotiate deals from other vendors on your behalf.  Saving $100 here, $1,000 there, really ads up.  The earlier you book your wedding planner the more money they'll be able to save you!  

3 Support - There will be moments in the planning process that questions will come up.  There may be family drama.  There could be problems with vendors.  Having someone you trust to go to for advice, who is an expert in these areas will be priceless.  

4. Troubleshooting - Professional Hawaii Wedding Planners have the ability to fix anything, anytime, anyplace.  They have infinite knowledge and experience in all things that have to do with events and weddings.  If something comes up, they'll know just how to deal with it, quickly and efficiently.

5. Emergency Kits - Professional Hawaii Wedding Planners carry with them emergency kits that cover, assist and can fix any situation. From extension cords, duct tape, safety pins and stain remover to good ol' bobby pins.  If theres something that goes wrong, trust me, they've got something in their emergency kit (we have a suitcase) that can fix it.  These are things that you may not be prepared for, and do not want to stress yourself with on your wedding day.

6. Secret Cell Phone Numbers - What if the tent guy doesn't show up? Or the DJ? Professional Hawaii Wedding Planners like Best Day Ever, have a cell phone full of contacts. They know who to call just incase one of your vendors does not show up. And if that person falls through, they have a back up for their back up. You cannot put a price on their connections.

A Professional Hawaii Wedding Planner can help to make your special day run smoothly and take care of all the details/mishaps so that your day appears flawless. There is no price on peace of mind. Without question, it is worth every penny to get a professional Hawaii Wedding Planner. The sooner you get one, the quicker they can save you money too, so set up an appointment with Hawaii’s most trusted wedding planner Best Day Ever today!

Frequently Asked Questions...

How can I save money when planning my wedding?  We all know weddings in Hawaii can be very expensive and before you know it the wedding budget you had initially decided upon has doubled (or tripled!).  A Professional Hawaii Wedding Planner can offer advice to help you cut corners and save you tons of money. 

Here are three simple tips that can help you save money on your wedding:

1. Hire a Wedding Planner Early.  Let him or her negotiate with your vendors to get you the best prices. They have inside connections to the cheapest (and best) caterers, deejays, venues, etc. Tell your wedding planner your budget and watch how they can help you stick to it.

2. Monitor your Guest List. Invite only your closest friends and family. A simple rule to follow is to only give +1's to your single friends who have been dating their significant other for at least a year, and whom you have met.  Don't feel obligated to invite kids or those you haven't seen in years.  In the end, it's your wedding, you get to make the final decision on who gets to come, and don't feel bad about it!  Don't go over budget because you feel obligated to invite everybody.

3. Do-It-Yourself. There are tons of DIY wedding blogs. Check a few of them out and start creating one of a kind decorations early. You can save a lot of money creating your own centerpieces, name tags and menus. Plus, your guests will be so impressed at how personalized your wedding is.

There are tons of other ways to keep the budget down. Check out our blog for more tips on keeping wedding costs down or e-mail us today and let us help you create a budget and timeline that is specifically catered to you needs.

How soon should I hire a wedding planner?  After calling friends and family about your engagement, a Professional Hawaii Wedding Planner should be next on your list.  Having a wedding planner involved early on is most beneficial (both to your budget and making sure you have the right connections - venue, photographers, etc. early on - before another bride takes your date!) There is nothing worse than finding out the best video guy is already booked for your date - Let us give you the lists of Hawaii’s Best’s and help you coordinate your wedding crew early.

My wedding venue comes with a coordinator, do I really need to hire my own?  It’s easy to assume that the venue coordinator, or better known as site coordinator is the same as a wedding coordinator, however they play completely different roles for the simple fact that the site coordinator works for the venue and the wedding coordinator works for the bride and groom. As the wedding coordinator, we have your best interest at heart at all times.

Can't I just use wedding planning software or buy one of those planner binders? Wedding Planner Software is a set of computerized instructions and worksheets that can be personalized for planning a wedding, wedding binders - serve the same purpose. They are a cheaper alternative to hiring a Wedding Planner. However, the software must be installed on and accessed from a specific computer which may make it difficult to keep all your information at your fingertips and any new information must be recorded somewhere and re-entered into the computer later.  And most importantly, the actual work involved in planning a wedding must still be done by someone... and trust me - it is A LOT of work.  Brides often equate planning a wedding to a second full time job. Are you sure you have time for it? If you do - great! If not, a wedding planner could be a life-saver for you.  Even with planning software & binders, there must be a person planning - doing the research and interviews to find and determine suitable services and products. However, with a Wedding Planner, recommendations are readily available based on budget and other requirements. Wedding planners can also offer customized ideas and advice whereas the software can only give generic advice, since it was programmed for the general public...  Additionally - software & binders are not be specific to Hawaii.  On the other hand, a Hawaii Wedding Planner like Best Day Ever can give you the moral support you need now as stress and emotions build up. What can be more settling than knowing that an experienced person is handling everything?

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