So you have all your ducks in a row and have created an extensive and detailed wedding plan... but you’ve come to the realization that you can’t possibly execute this plan and completely enjoy your day.  You’ve considered asking mom, your best friend, Aunt Ruby and that really organized cousin of yours to help, but the truth is, you’re not sure you can completely trust them - and you’re not completely comfortable with putting all that responsibility family and friends who more than likely just want to enjoy the celebration.  Sound familiar?  Our “Month of Coordination Package” may be the perfect package for you.  Let our team of Professional Hawaii Wedding Planners take over the vendor coordination, set-up, break-down, and other stresses and details involved in coordinating the event of a lifetime and start enjoying the rest of your engagement.  With our “Month of Coordination Package” we’ll deliver a flawless execution of your entire wedding plan without you having to worry or stress about a single detail so you can completely enjoy and soak in the magic of your Best Day Ever

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The Bonnie & Clyde Month Of Coordination Package, Ideal Bride & Groom:


You’ve got all your vendors booked and a pretty good idea of how you want your entire wedding day to play out - BUT you can’t possibly run the entire show yourself ~ well, not while actually enjoying your wedding day as well.  You’ve never planned a wedding before and would like to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything and you’re rather excited about handing over the stress and worry too.  You liked the planning process but are now ready to hand all your hard work over.  If this sounds like you ~ Our “Bella&Edward ~ Event Coordination” Package is the perfect fit for you!  Also referred to as our “Month of Coordination Package” is our most basic package and is commonly referred to as “Day of Coordination” by most brides - but really, we step in a month or two before your big day.  Why you ask?  Well, in the past, we have tried jumping in just the “day of” for a lower price, but have found that almost always something goes wrong.  By coming into the coordination process 1-2 months early we can ensure that the probability of something going wrong decreases exponentially which is great news for you!  Because we are professionals, we know what questions to ask and how to figure out if everything is really taken care of or if something essential may have been forgotten.  At this point you should have all of your vendors secured, but you hand all of that info over to us and we follow up with all of them and make sure that every "t" is crossed and "i" is dotted. If one of your vendors backs out last minute we are prepared with a secret contact list of vendors we have personal relationships with that we can call to fill that spot. If it rains, we are prepared to move the entire ceremony over to another prepared spot as needed. If the limo guy gets into a fender- bender, or is stuck in a traffic jam, we find you another one on the spot. What you are paying for is the assurance that anything that could possibly go wrong -will not. Your guests will have a fabulous time - and you can be completely immersed in the moment, experiencing nothing less than your best day ever.



 A Complimentary Consultation with the Couple    

Meet with the bride & groom, get to know you a bit and hear more about your vision for your wedding.


 Assistance with personalized selection and booking of up to four vendors     

You may choose from :: floral, stylist, officiant, cake, designer, entertainment, musicians, DJ, sound system, party rentals, specialty linens, catering, bar, photographer, videographer, hair and makeup, wedding attire, favors, graphic designer, limo, transportation, etc. Serve as a liaison between you and all of your Hawaii wedding vendors, maintaining all contact & coordinating all details.


 Serve as a liaison between you and all your vendors     

Including those you have already booked. We take over and maintain all contact and coordination of details with vendors. Just waiting for a response from the vendors can be frustrating, we’ll be the ones to call, email, “bug” the vendors, saving you lots of precious time and frustration.


 Contract Review     
We go over all your contracts with different vendors and make sure that you're getting everything you want and need for your special day.  We make sure you've allotted enough time for each service, that you have enough of each rental item, that you are aware of the fine print.  


 Organization of all wedding info   

Basically you hand everything over to us that you have done so far and we go through and organize everything for you.  We also send you simple "homework assignments" to help you organize details you may have missed.


 Organization of Sign-In Table    

We will instruct your Sign-In Table helpers on how to properly receive your guests. They will be equipped with the proper guest list and seating chart. They will be instructed on how to secure your wedding cards and gifts.


 Event Layout     
We will help create a spacial layout built to scale, customized to your wedding to ensure proper circulation and to maximize your venue space.  A copy of this layout will be distributed to all your vendors.  


 Refinement of Timeline & Itinerary

You'll create a general timeline, starting from the moment you wake up until the moment you retire to your honeymoon suite. You'll jot down everything you want on your special day from the bouquet toss and first dance to any ethnic traditions, etc.  We'll look it over, add in all vendor details and advise you as to how to make everything flow smoothly and seamlessly.  


 Choreography of Ceremony - with bridal party & music cues    
You choose the music you'd like to play during the main events of your day, from the song you walk down the aisle to to your first dance.  We make sure the DJ plays the music at the precise moment, the cues are in place to make the most of all song selections and the moments they are supposed to capture. 


 Monthly Calendar, Check List 
We have created an "Ultimate Wedding Checklist" for all our brides which outlines exactly what you should be working on in the months leading up to your big day.  This list includes everything from booking your venue in month 12 to stretching out your shoes in month 2.  It also outlines what we will be doing for you and what you can expect from us month by month.  Along the way you will also be given a few simple "homework" assignments that help us organize your wedding details.  You'll be given plenty of time to complete these tasks and we have it organized in a way that makes it fun and easy to complete. 


 Final Walk Through of Ceremony & Reception Sites
Make sure all the "i"s are dotted and the "t"s are crossed, we run through the entire site and make sure everything is in place.  All the vendors are clear about what they will be setting up, where they will park and enter, if they have to bring any special equipment, etc. 


 Rehearsal Management
Anywhere from a week prior to the night before you say your I dos, we meet with the couple and their bridal party and anyone else who plays a major part in the ceremony.  We run through the procession a few times until everyone is comfortable and knows where they need to be and when.  You do not need to pay your officiant an extra fee to be here to do this, we will handle it for you. 


 Set Up and Break Down of Ceremony and Reception       
We are the first ones to arrive and the last to leave.  We endure that everything is set up - centerpieces, guest favors, all decor items, signs, etc.  We also direct all vendors on where to go and what to do.


 Unlimited Wedding Day Management
You will have TWO Professional Wedding Coordinators and Event Designers on site at all times.  We are there from the beginning until the very end of the day to ensure everything runs smoothly. 


 Assistance with distributing final payments and gratuities to all vendors     
Any payments due on the day of the wedding we can distribute to the proper recipients, along with any gratuities you'd like to hand out.  You hand over these payments in form of a check, preferaly when we meet for the rehearsal, so that this is one less thing you need to worry about on the day of.  


 Insured delivery and return of rental items      
We are on-site to receive your rental items, make sure the right items are dropped off and ensure that everything is where it needs to be for pick up.  


 Bridal Emergency Kit  
We have a suitcase filled with items in case of emergency.  Say your bustle breaks (we can sew it on site), or your bridesmaid suddenly gets her period (no problem), or the florist forgets extra pins for the boutonnieres (we got this!), or maybe the DJ forgot his extension cord ... We've got you covered!


 1 Add’l In-Person (or over the phone if off island) meeting before the wedding to go over all details      
So much goes into planning your wedding, once we've received all your wedding information - contracts, balances, ideas, timelines etc., we'll schedule an in-depth meeting to go through all of your wedding information - contracts, balances, ideas, timelines, layout, etc.  


 Unlimited phone and email correspondence      
Whenever you're unsure of something or have a question, feel free to contact us with your concerns.  E-mail is best and we always try to get back to you within a day or so.   


 And Much More!