Share the Aloha is a wedding flower donation program founded in 2010, by Best Day Ever Weddings. Our charity's purpose is to bring smiles and aloha to those who need it most by sharing left-over wedding flowers with Senior Care Homes and Children Hospitals around the island of O'ahu. 


As a wedding planner, I know how much work and money goes into wedding florals.  We’re usually talking about thousands of dollars and hours upon hours of prep and floral design work.  I also know how often these gorgeous florals get discarded at the end of the wedding. The large floral pieces are too big to take. The truth is that many couples have flown in from across the world their wedding day and they aren’t wanting large wedding flowers to go to waste in their hotel rooms.

Combine planning weddings and seeing tons of wedding flowers get left behind with my personal story of having to care for both of my grandparents over the last decade or so, and Share the Aloha was born. In caring for my grandmother and grandfather, in their 80s and 90's, I have come to really understand and appreciate how important it is to give back to the previous generation. They worked so hard and really paved the way for our generation today. As my grandparents got older and neared the end of their life, I saw how much things changed, they needed not only help, but personal connection, and family was often too busy so they saw less and less of it.

Flowers were something I have always loved. I knew that there was something about getting a beautiful bouquet of flowers that can really make someones day. It seemed only fitting that I should take these flowers and spread the joy around. I got in touch with every nursing home I could find and called the local hospitals too. Some were open to donations, others were not due to privacy issues. I began to form relationships with a few and found that these simple and small visits were making a huge difference in so many peoples lives, it seemed silly not to continue to do the deliveries for as many weddings as I did who were willing to donate. I wasn’t getting paid anything to do these deliveries, but giving back, was in turn, bringing me joy too.

Delivering florals to the senior care homes, and spending time chatting and visiting is something that everyone should do at least once. These folks don’t get visitors often, they’re lonely and often bored and feeling forgotten. These flowers and social visits (add in some hi-fives and hugs from my little boys) and it just means the world to them.

I personally deliver all of my couples flowers with my three little boys (ages 2,4 and 5), and would love to get more couples involved. If you are not planning a wedding with us send us an email and I can get you a list of contacts and places that would love a floral delivery. Any little arrangement helps, and I can promise you - you’ll end up leaving with a huge smile on your face.

With Aloha 💛
Best Day Ever Hawaii

For more information visit our website - “Share the Aloha”
or e-mail Nicole at :



⇾  Maunalani Nursing Home
⇾  Island Nursing Home
⇾  Hale Nohea
⇾ The Plaza at Punchbowl
⇾  The Plaza at Mililani
⇾  Pearl City Nursing Home
⇾  Shriners Hospital for Children 
⇾  Kapiolani Medical Center (childrens cancer floor)