Captain Howie has been doing wedding ceremonies here in Hawai'i for decades.  He takes great pride in his ceremonies and feels they are more than just an exchange of vows but a spiritual connection of love.  Each of his ceremonies are personalized to fit the couple and no two are exactly the same.  He performs non-denominational ceremonies and is not your traditional officiant.  He does not dress in slacks and a coat and tie, and often will blow a conch shell, wears aloha shirts and/or tie-die t-shirts.  He feels it is not the attire that creates your bond, but the words, the feelings and the spirit between the two of you that is created that day.  This sacred bond, that he creates with his words and ceremony, is the part that he is best at, and is something that you will remember forever.   

Your Pukalani Falls package comes with Captain Howie as your officiant.  He likes to meet with all couples right before he does your ceremony to get a good feel for you as individuals and as a couple.  During this time you will briefly discuss how the ceremony will go and what he will be doing.  He will also prepare you for this very important and special moment that the both of you are about to embark on together.  

We encourage you to set up a time to speak with Captain Howie ahead of time if you are unsure in anyway about his ceremonies or his services OR if you'd just like to get to know him.  He is happy to chat at the phone at your convenience.  If you'd like to chat prior to your ceremony, please let your wedding planner know and she will set up a call for you.