the bride’s interview.

Q. How long have you been in business?

A. Best Day Ever Hawai’i has been around officially since 2011. Lead planner and owner Nicole Salmoiraghi - has over a decade of event and wedding planning experience and has relationships with the best photographers, officiants, florists, hair and makeup artists, limo drivers, musicians and venues in Hawai‘i. We’ve hand-picked the best vendors on O‘ahu to create a superstar wedding team, that will bring help you create a wedding experience you’ll soon be calling your “Best Day Ever”. Meet The A-Team here.

Q. We love your style and services but what sets you apart from other companies?


Q. How does the planning process work?


Q. How does the destination planning process work?

A. Generally speaking, simple and small weddings are thought to be inexpensive, quick and easy. This however, is not always a good thing as “quick and easy” usually also means a wedding day with sub par service. For couples on a tight budget or for couples who don’t really care about the details this may be just fine. We know that there are also many couples who feel their wedding day is more important than that.

Your wedding day is a day that you’ve been dreaming about for your whole life, a day that you should look back on and get all the feels - a day you should cherish. We understand that just because you’re wanting a smaller more intimate wedding doesn’t mean you want the wedding day experience to be any less special. We totally get it, the start of forever is A BIG DEAL.

We’re different from other companies because we really care about every detail, we want you to stay excited and stress-free throughout the planning process, and we will do whatever it takes on your wedding day to ensure that you have your “Best Day Ever”. Also - when you book with us, you not only get your own professional Best Day Ever planner, but also a team of amazing vendors working together with us to ensure that your wedding day is perfect.

A. We’ve pulled together a team of world class wedding vendors and we’ll work directly with you to customize everything. Once booking with us you will be assigned your own personal Best Day Ever planner who will help you create the wedding of your dreams. Your planner will guide you through the planning process so that you don’t have to worry about what needs to be done when, and who needs to be called. We help you take care of all the little details and are there for you along the way to answer questions.

All of our planning packages include a planner, photographer, officiant and small floral package and we help you pull together everything having to do with your wedding day ceremony. We can also assist you with the bookings of additional vendors like hair and makeup, transportation, videography, specialized floral orders (like floral arches, haku leis, family leis, etc.), fun ceremony decor and more.

Planning your wedding is a process that usually takes several months, but we have planned wedding ceremonies in a few weeks on rare occasions. During these months we will help you book all your vendors and sort through all the wedding details. Reception planning is not included but we can help with suggestions on places to go based on your specific likes and dislikes. Once all the details are set we will put together a timeline for you and all your vendors so that on the day of your wedding, you just follow the timeline and let everything fall into place. On your wedding day we will handle the set up and coordinate everything so that you literally just have to show up, relax, and enjoy every minute of your wedding day. It’s that simple.

We love Destination Weddings and specialize in helping couples from Australia and all over the world - including the mainland US. The destination planning process is basically the same process and same amount of work as a local wedding, except we handle every aspect for you and you must trust us completely with our recommendations. We provide you with detailed packages based off of your needs. We provide transportation directions and assistance as well as a “Locals Guide” to Hawaii for you and your guests. We’re happy to give you recommendations on where to go to dinner after your wedding ceremony and what types of fun gifts to buy for your guests. We have also acquired ton’s of wedding travel information - like how or where to steam your wedding dress, and should you ship it or carry it on. It is our priority that you and your guests enjoy a dream Hawaii Wedding and come to LOVE the Hawaiian Islands as much as we do.

Q. This all sounds wonderful but expensive, is this worth the cost?


Q. We love your packages but aren’t really sure which to choose. What do we do?


Q. Who do you work best with?


Q. Who will not benefit from your services?


Q. Do you work with vendors I have already found and hired?


Q. Do you have a payment plan?


Q. Do you hold a business license? Do you have liability insurance?


Q. Are you involved with any charities? We love to give back.


Q. Sounds great. How do we start the process?

A. How important is it to you that you have a planner who knows you by name, who calls you on the morning of the wedding if it’s raining to reassure you that we’re watching the radar and that it’s going to be ok, who sends you a map with directions on the day of the wedding, a timeline with extra notes specifically created just for you, who has knowledge on all the best and most affordable limo companies? A planner who a $1,000,000 professional liability wedding insurance policy, buys all the proper and legal wedding permits for your simple beach wedding? A planner who knows which beaches are emptiest at what time and sets your wedding ceremony time for the time of day with the prettiest lighting and least amount of wind? A planner that accounts for parking and traffic dilemmas and who can reassure your parents when they are unsure and stressed out? One who will follow you back to your hotel when you forget to your marriage license? We do all this and more. On your wedding day, you deserve to have someone who is making sure that all these details are handled and that there is not a single surprise that will ruin your day!

A. Not a problem! Send us an email and we’d be happy to answer any questions you have about any of our wedding packages. Sometimes just letting us know a little more about what specifically you’re concerned about can help us to clarify how we can best help you and which wedding package will be the best fit. If there are more questions than cannot be answered via email we can also set up a time to chat one the phone before you decide to move forward with booking.

A. We work with best with brides and grooms who know what they want but don’t have the time or resources to execute what will likely be the biggest, most important event of their lives.

If you aren’t really into the idea of a huge formal wedding reception and would prefer something simpler but still special, Best Day Ever is a good fit for you.

If you are envisioning a more private, beautiful wedding ceremony - in a breathtaking location, a heartfelt ceremony and an experience that isn’t cookie-cutter, but instead unique to you as a couple, you are a good fit for Best Day Ever.

If you have a pretty clear idea of what you would like your dream wedding to be like but aren’t sure how to pull it off or where to start, and you would like a professional with tons of experience to help you figure out all the details, Best Day Ever would be a wonderful match for you!

A. Years of experience has taught us that it is best to specialize in one area, rather than try to cater to everyone so that we can really excel in making sure that our couples has the best possible wedding day and overall experience. With that said, I can honestly say, we are not good fit for every newly engaged couple out there.

If you are looking to plan a large wedding with a big reception, we’re probably not your team, we specialize in planning smaller more intimate weddings with less than 40 guests. Most of our packages are catered to guest counts of less than 20.

If you are extremely skeptical about how a wedding planner can possibly help you and don’t see the value in our knowledge, experience and skills - we might not be a good match either. And lastly, if you are on a very tight budget and can barely afford a bouquet, we probably wouldn’t be the best fit for you.

We never want to put any of our couples out of their budget or comfort zone and find it extremely important to the success important to the success of the wedding that you must be open to our assistance to completely benefit from it. If you absolutely cannot afford our services, we are probably not a good match for each other. However, we can still offer you tons of FREE information on our blog. Be sure to check it out because there are tons of Hawaii wedding tips that are absolutely free. We would also recommend you sign up for our FREE REPORT to get our Top 5 Wedding Tips that can Save You Thousands.

A. Of course. Chances are we already know them personally and understand how to best work with their system. We will also give you our opinion as to how they can be the best match for you.  Additionally if you have booked a few, but you need assistance with finding the last few vendors, we do have many wonderful, budget friendly, reliable vendors at our fingertips that we can easily match with your needs.   

A. When you hire us a payment plan is outlined in your contract. Generally a $500 deposit is required to reserve your date and then the remainder of the balance is split into 3 payments between now and your wedding date.  Payments are usually made by check but credit cards and Paypal are also accepted, although there is a small credit card processing fee.  

A. Yes, we hold a business license in the State of Hawaii. We also have a $1M Liability Insurance Policy which many private venues require before booking. This insurance policy allows us to work with confidence under all situations. We have never needed it but we are protected to help you feel safe and secure - knowing that we are covered. Beware of any vendor that doesn't have liability insurance. Although situations are rare, you do not want to be responsible for any damages incurred by your vendors on your wedding day.

A.  We are super excited about the charity we started called “Share the Aloha” in which we take left-over wedding flowers and share them with Children’s Hospitals and Senior Care Homes around the island.  We have gotten remarkable feedback from Share the Aloha and are offering it to all of our Hawaii brides. Whether it is a single bouquet or the arch piece florals, if you are open to make a donation we will take care of the details and deliver the florals for you to ensure that you have brightened somebody’s day. Please note, even if you do not hire us for wedding services, we would still be happy to involve you in “Share the Aloha”. To make a floral donation or learn more about Share the Aloha and our Hawaii Floral Donation Program, click here.

A. The next step is send us an email, and fill out the form on our CONTACT PAGE. Give us as much information as you currently know and we’ll try to make sure to get back to you within a day or two. We especially need to know the wedding date that you are interested, the guest count, and which package(s) you are interested in booking. Just CLICK HERE to get started planning your Best Day Ever today!